Cuemon .NET Framework
Cuemon.Xml Assembly
The Cuemon.Xml namespaces contains classes and interfaces designed to ease and assist the XML developer already familiar with the System.Xml namespaces.
Cuemon.XmlThe Cuemon.Xml namespace provides standards-based support for processing XML.
Cuemon.Xml.DiagnosticsThe Cuemon.Xml.Diagnostics extends the Cuemon.Diagnostics namespace with support for XML.
Cuemon.Xml.SerializationThe Cuemon.Xml.Serialization namespace contains classes that are used to serialize objects into XML representations and goes beyond (in terms of flexibility and speed) what is possible in the otherwise powerful System.Xml.Serialization namespace.
Cuemon.Xml.XPathThe Cuemon.Xml.XPath namespace provides access to utility methods that eases the work with the System.Xml.XPath namespace.
Cuemon.Xml.XslThe Cuemon.Xml.Xsl namespace provides support for Extensible Stylesheet Transformation (XSLT) transforms and is a must-have additive for the serious XSLT developer as it very easy, flexible and fast to work with.



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