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The following tables list the members exposed by Endpoint.

Protected Constructors
Protected ConstructorEndpoint ConstructorInitializes a new instance of the Endpoint class.  
Public Properties
Public PropertyCacheGets a reference to the Cuemon.Runtime.Caching.CachingManager.Cache object.  
Public PropertyEnableMethodPerformanceTimingGets or sets a value indicating whether performance timing of method calls is enabled. (Inherited from Cuemon.Diagnostics.Instrumentation)
Public PropertyEnablePropertyPerformanceTimingGets or sets a value indicating whether performance timing of property calls is enabled. (Inherited from Cuemon.Diagnostics.Instrumentation)
Public PropertyHandlerContextGets the HTTP-specific information about the current request processed by this Endpoint implementation.  
Public PropertyIsReusableGets a value indicating whether another request can use the System.Web.IHttpHandler instance.  
Public PropertyTimeMeasureThresholdGets or sets a time measuring threshold before Cuemon.Diagnostics.Instrumentation.TimeMeasureCompletedHandling is invoked. Default is System.TimeSpan.Zero, which is equivalent to no threshold. (Inherited from Cuemon.Diagnostics.Instrumentation)
Protected Properties
Protected PropertySupportedMimeTypesGets the supported MIME types of this Endpoint implementation.  
Public Methods
Public MethodExecuteActionOverloaded. Executes the specified delegate method.  
Public MethodExecuteFunctionOverloaded. Executes the specified function delegate method.  
Public MethodGetCurrentProcessSnapshotCreates and returns a snapshot of the most important information for the current process where this instance resides. (Inherited from Cuemon.Diagnostics.Instrumentation)
Public MethodProcessRequestEnables processing of HTTP Web requests by a custom HttpHandler that implements the System.Web.IHttpHandler interface.  
Protected Methods
Protected MethodClientSideCachingHandlerProvides a way to handle the client-side related cache headers for the content being delivered through the HTTP response.  
Protected MethodExceptionHandlerProvides a way to handle exceptions thrown from one of the ExecuteXXX methods.  
Protected MethodOnMethodEnteredOverloaded. Raises the Cuemon.Diagnostics.Instrumentation.MethodEntered event. (Inherited from Cuemon.Diagnostics.Instrumentation)
Protected MethodOnMethodExitedOverloaded. Raises the Cuemon.Diagnostics.Instrumentation.MethodExited event. (Inherited from Cuemon.Diagnostics.Instrumentation)
Protected MethodOnPropertyChangedOverloaded. Raises the Cuemon.Diagnostics.Instrumentation.PropertyChanged event. (Inherited from Cuemon.Diagnostics.Instrumentation)
Protected MethodOnPropertyChangingOverloaded. Raises the Cuemon.Diagnostics.Instrumentation.PropertyChanging event. (Inherited from Cuemon.Diagnostics.Instrumentation)
Protected MethodParseAcceptHeaderParses and returns an HTTP Accept header from acceptHeaders that matches one of the SupportedMimeTypes.  
Protected MethodParseInputStreamParses the contents of the incoming HTTP entityBody.  
Protected MethodPropertyFilterSpecifies what properties to skip when invoking an serializing an object for a HTTP operation.  
Protected MethodStatusCodeHandlerOverloaded. Provides a way to handle the statusCode of the HTTP response.  
Protected MethodTimeMeasureCompletedHandlingThis method handles the subscription on Cuemon.Diagnostics.TimeMeasure.TimeMeasureCompleted issued by Cuemon.Diagnostics.Instrumentation.OnMethodEntered. (Inherited from Cuemon.Diagnostics.Instrumentation)
Public Events
Public EventMethodEnteredOccurs when a method is being invoked and marks the beginning of timing. (Inherited from Cuemon.Diagnostics.Instrumentation)
Public EventMethodExitedOccurs when a method has been invoked and marks the end of a timing. (Inherited from Cuemon.Diagnostics.Instrumentation)
Public EventPropertyChangedOccurs when a property value changes and marks the end of a timing. (Inherited from Cuemon.Diagnostics.Instrumentation)
Public EventPropertyChangingOccurs when a property value is changing and marks the beginning om timing. (Inherited from Cuemon.Diagnostics.Instrumentation)
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