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The following tables list the members exposed by EntityDataAdapter.

Protected Constructors
Protected ConstructorEntityDataAdapter ConstructorOverloaded.   
Public Properties
Public PropertyManagerGets the data manager for this object. Please be aware, that you should only use this for custom methods as you will loose event control on Entity classes by using the manager directly. (Inherited from Cuemon.Data.DataAdapter)
Public PropertySettingsGets the EntityDataAdapterSettings object of this EntityDataAdapter.  
Protected Properties
Protected PropertyEntityGets the reference to the calling Entity.  
Public Methods
Public MethodCreateOverloaded. Creates the specified entityType in the data source.  
Public MethodDeleteOverloaded. Deletes the specified entityType from the data source.  
Public MethodDemote<T>A specialized method for demotion of an Entity object.  
Public MethodExistsOverloaded. Determines from the specified entityType whether a record already exists in the data source.  
Public MethodGetDataMappedQueryThe core method for building a data mapped query.  
Public MethodGetDataParameterThe core method for returning an System.Data.IDataParameter compatible object to use against the preferred data source.  
Public MethodModifyOverloaded. Modifies the specified entityType in the data source.  
Public MethodOpenOverloaded. Opens the specified entityType from the data source.  
Public MethodOpenListOverloaded. Opens a collection of entityType from the data source.  
Public MethodPromote<T>A specialized method for promotion of this BusinessEntity object with the specified new rank.  
Protected Methods
Protected MethodHasRequiredAttributesDetermines whether the specified entityType is decorated with the required attributes.  
Protected MethodInsertOverloaded. Inserts data to a data source with default insert action, AffectedRows. (Inherited from Cuemon.Data.DataAdapter)
Protected MethodOnDataBindingRaises the DataBinding event.  
Protected MethodOnDataBindingCompletedRaises the DataBindingCompleted event.  
Protected MethodOnDeletedRaisedRaises the Deleted event. (Inherited from Cuemon.Data.DataAdapter)
Protected MethodOnDeletingRaisedRaises the Deleting event. (Inherited from Cuemon.Data.DataAdapter)
Protected MethodOnInsertedRaisedRaises the Inserted event. (Inherited from Cuemon.Data.DataAdapter)
Protected MethodOnInsertingRaisedRaises the Inserting event. (Inherited from Cuemon.Data.DataAdapter)
Protected MethodOnSelectedRaisedRaises the Selected event. (Inherited from Cuemon.Data.DataAdapter)
Protected MethodOnSelectingRaisedRaises the Selecting event. (Inherited from Cuemon.Data.DataAdapter)
Protected MethodOnUpdatedRaisedRaises the Updated event. (Inherited from Cuemon.Data.DataAdapter)
Protected MethodOnUpdatingRaisedRaises the Updating event. (Inherited from Cuemon.Data.DataAdapter)
Protected MethodSelectSelects data from a data source. (Inherited from Cuemon.Data.DataAdapter)
Protected MethodUpdateUpdates data in the data source. (Inherited from Cuemon.Data.DataAdapter)
Public Events
Public EventDataBindingOccurs just before the data is being bound and processed.  
Public EventDataBindingCompletedOccurs just after the data has been bound, processed and optional distributed.  
Public EventDeletedOccurs when a Delete operation has completed. (Inherited from Cuemon.Data.DataAdapter)
Public EventDeletingOccurs before a Delete operation. (Inherited from Cuemon.Data.DataAdapter)
Public EventInsertedOccurs when an Insert operation has completed. (Inherited from Cuemon.Data.DataAdapter)
Public EventInsertingOccurs before an Insert operation. (Inherited from Cuemon.Data.DataAdapter)
Public EventSelectedOccurs when a Select operation has completed. (Inherited from Cuemon.Data.DataAdapter)
Public EventSelectingOccurs before a Select operation. (Inherited from Cuemon.Data.DataAdapter)
Public EventUpdatedOccurs when an Update operation has completed. (Inherited from Cuemon.Data.DataAdapter)
Public EventUpdatingOccurs before an Update operation. (Inherited from Cuemon.Data.DataAdapter)
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