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The Cuemon.Data namespace consists of classes that supplements the ADO.NET architecture with intuitive classes.
ClassBulkCopyDataReader Provides a way of copying an existing object implementing the System.Data.IDataReader interface to a filtered forward-only stream of rows that is mapped for bulk upload. This class cannot be inherited.
ClassDataAdapter An abstract class representing the actual data binding to a data source.
ClassDataAdapterEventArgs Provides data for DataAdapter related operations.
ClassDataAdapterException The exception that is thrown when a DataAdapter operation is in an invalid state.
ClassDataCommand Represents a Transact-SQL statement or stored procedure to execute against a SQL Server database.
ClassDataConnection Represents a connection to a database.
ClassDataDependency This DataDependency class will monitor any changes occurred to an underlying data source while notifying subscribing objects.
ClassDataManager The DataManager is an abstract class in the Cuemon.Data namespace that can be used to implement execute commands of different database providers.
ClassDataParameterEqualityComparer Provides an equality comparison for System.Data.IDataParameter objects.
ClassDataTransfer Provides a way to convert an System.Data.IDataReader implementation to a table-like data transfer object.
ClassDataTransferColumn Represents the column of a table-row in a database. This class cannot be inherited.
ClassDataTransferColumnCollection Represents a collection of DataTransferColumn objects for a table in a database. This class cannot be inherited.
ClassDataTransferRow Represents the row of a table in a database. This class cannot be inherited.
ClassDataTransferRowCollection Represents a collection of DataTransferRow objects for a table in a database. This class cannot be inherited.
ClassDataTransferSorter Provides a default implementation of a DataTransferRow sorter. This class cannot be inherited.
ClassDataWatcher A Cuemon.Runtime.Watcher implementation, that can monitor and signal changes of one or more data locations by raising the Changed event.
ClassDbColumn Represents a database column.
ClassInOperator<T> Provides a safe way to include a Transact-SQL WHERE clause with an IN operator.
ClassQueryBuilder An abstract class for building T-SQL statements from table and columns definitions.
ClassQueryUtility This utility class is designed to make query related operations easier to work with.
ClassStringDataReader Provides a generic way of reading a forward-only stream of rows from a System.String based data source. This is an abstract class.
ClassUniqueIndexViolationException The exception that is thrown when a unique index violation occurs from a data source.
InterfaceIDataCommand Represents a statement that is executed while an open connection to a data source exists.
InterfaceIDataConnection Represents a connection to a data source.
EnumerationQueryFormat Identifies the format for a query fragment.
EnumerationQueryInsertAction Defines the available insert actions for the DataAdapter class.
EnumerationQueryType Identifies the type of data operation performed by a query against a data source.
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