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The following tables list the members exposed by AsyncCall<TState,TResult>.

Public Constructors
Public ConstructorAsyncCall<TState,TResult> ConstructorInitializes a new instance of the AsyncCall<TState,TResult> class.  
Public Properties
Public PropertyAsyncStateGets a user-defined TState that qualifies or contains information about an asynchronous operation. (Inherited from Cuemon.Threading.AsyncCall<TState>)
Public PropertyAsyncWaitHandleGets a System.Threading.WaitHandle that is used to wait for an asynchronous operation to complete. (Inherited from Cuemon.Threading.AsyncCall)
Public PropertyCompletedSynchronouslyGets a value that indicates whether the asynchronous operation completed synchronously. (Inherited from Cuemon.Threading.AsyncCall)
Public PropertyExceptionGets the Exception that caused the AsyncCall to end prematurely. If the AsyncCall completed successfully or has not yet thrown any exceptions, this will return null. (Inherited from Cuemon.Threading.AsyncCall)
Public PropertyIsCompletedGets a value that indicates whether the asynchronous operation has completed. (Inherited from Cuemon.Threading.AsyncCall)
Public PropertyResultGets the result.  
Protected Properties
Protected PropertyAsyncResultGets or sets the asynchronous result from AsyncCallback. (Inherited from Cuemon.Threading.AsyncCall)
Protected PropertyBeginMethodA reference to the delegate that begins the asynchronous operation. (Inherited from Cuemon.Threading.AsyncCall)
Public Methods
Public MethodInvokeOverloaded. Invokes the asynchronous operation. (Inherited from Cuemon.Threading.AsyncCall<TState>)
Public MethodToAsyncCallResultCreates and returns a AsyncCallResult<TState,TResult> representation of the current AsyncCall<TState,TResult>.  
Protected Methods
Protected MethodAsyncCallbackOverridden. The method to be called when a corresponding asynchronous operation completes.  
Protected MethodOperationCompleteWrapperInfrastructure. Returns the state of OperationComplete. (Inherited from Cuemon.Threading.AsyncCall)
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