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The Cuemon.Security.Cryptography namespace provides cryptographic access to AES, as well as an extensive hashing utility class.

A great addition to the existing System.Security.Cryptography namespace to make your daily operations easier to work with.

ClassAdvancedEncryptionStandardUtility This utility class is designed to make System.Security.Cryptography.Rijndael operations easier to work with.
ClassCyclicRedundancyCheck Represents the abstract class from which all implementations of the CRC hash algorithm inherit.
ClassCyclicRedundancyCheck32 Computes the CRC32 hash value for the input data using the implementation provided by the cyclic redundancy check class (CRC). This class cannot be inherited.
ClassHashUtility This utility class is designed to make System.Security.Cryptography.HashAlgorithm operations easier to work with.
EnumerationAdvancedEncryptionStandardKeySize Specifies the key size to be used in the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) cipher.
EnumerationHashAlgorithmType Specifies the algorithm used for generating hash values.
EnumerationPolynomialRepresentation Defines the common ways to express a CRC generator polynomial representation.
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