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Protected Constructors
Protected ConstructorExceptionLog ConstructorOverloaded.   
Public Properties
Public PropertyEncodingGets or sets the encoding to use when writing the log. Default encoding is System.Text.Encoding.Unicode. (Inherited from Cuemon.Diagnostics.Log<LogEntry>)
Public PropertyEntriesGets the entries of this log. (Inherited from Cuemon.Diagnostics.Log<LogEntry>)
Public PropertyNameGets the name of the log. (Inherited from Cuemon.Diagnostics.Log<LogEntry>)
Public PropertySourceGets or sets the source name to register and use when writing to the event log. (Inherited from Cuemon.Diagnostics.Log<LogEntry>)
Public PropertySyncRootGets an object that can be used to synchronize access to the Log<TEntry>. (Inherited from Cuemon.Diagnostics.Log<LogEntry>)
Public Methods
Public MethodSaveOverridden. Persists the log to a repository.  
Public MethodWriteEntryOverloaded. Writes an error type entry, with the given System.Exception, to the exception log.  
Public MethodWriteLogRenders and writes all entries currently written to the log. (Inherited from Cuemon.Diagnostics.Log<LogEntry>)
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