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The following tables list the members exposed by IHierarchy<T>.

Public Properties
 PropertyDataGets a collection of key/value pairs that provide information about this class. (Inherited from Cuemon.IData)
 PropertyDepthGets the current depth of the node in the hierarchical structure.  
 PropertyHasChildrenIndicates whether the current node has any child nodes.  
 PropertyHasMemberReferenceGets a value indicating whether this instance has a member reference. (Inherited from Cuemon.IWrapper<T>)
 PropertyHasParentIndicates whether the current node has a parent node.  
 PropertyIndexGets the zero-based index of the current node that this hierarchical structure represents.  
 PropertyInstanceGets the instance of the IWrapper<T> object. (Inherited from Cuemon.IWrapper<T>)
 PropertyInstanceTypeGets the type of the IWrapper<T>.Instance. (Inherited from Cuemon.IWrapper<T>)
 PropertyItemGets the node at the specified index.  
 PropertyMemberReferenceGets the member from where IWrapper<T>.Instance was referenced. (Inherited from Cuemon.IWrapper<T>)
Public Methods
 MethodAddOverloaded. Adds the specified instance to a node in the hierarchical structure representation.  
 MethodGetChildrenGets an IEnumerable sequence that represents all the child nodes of the current hierarchical node.  
 MethodGetParentGets the parent node of the current node in the hierarchical structure.  
 MethodGetPathGets the hierarchical path of the node in the hierarchical structure.  
 MethodInstanceAsReturns a value that is equivalent to the instance of the node that this hierarchical structure represents. (Inherited from Cuemon.IWrapper<T>)
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